Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Inspired Valentine’s Day Gifts
You may want to avoid the traditional gifts of flowers and chocolate and buy something special and unique that tells your woman how well you “know her”. Think about any hints she has dropped, or a time when she mentioned liking or wanting something she saw on a friend or in a store. If you know she loves cooking, maybe a cooking class for couples or if she has always wanted to learn the guitar get her a few lessons.

Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts
If you are going to by flowers or chocolate don’t just grab them from the local store. Do research and get something that shows how much you care. Maybe the bouquet includes a native flower from her favorite vacation spot or a place she has always wanted to visit. There are many places that offer hand crafted chocolates that come with a story behind the making of them that is special and interesting.

Imaginative Valentine’s Day Gifts
Present the Valentine’s Day gift in a fun, unique way. Perhaps give your partner a “map” to find it or play a game of hot and cold as she looks for it around the house. As an example, If you go the cooking route idea give the gift certificate with a cooking tool or something cooking related.

Surprise Valentine’s Day Gifts
Don’t ask your partner what they want as a gift or what they want to do to celebrate. Just plan something and make it happen. This shows confidence and a willingness and effort. It also keeps the element of surprise alive.

Your partner might compare her Valentines Day experience to her friends and what she has seen in the movies. This may be a lot to live up to, but just keeping her expectations in mind will help you come out on top. You don’t have to go so over the top; you want to remain authentic and do what feels best for you. Remember you still have birthdays anniversaries so you don’t want to cap yourself out on Valentine’s Day. Overall your girl wants to feel like the most special woman in the world so she can tell her friends and family how great you are, and what a good partner she has. This is your chance to really shine and show up so take the time and energy to do it right.

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