Turning Your Divorce HALVES Into HAVES

Divorce is all about halves so it’s not surprising that we say that
people “split up”, or that the word divorce is rooted in divide. With
divorce everything you thought was whole is now half. Finances,
assets, kids, friends, and your sense of self are just a few of the
ways you can feel halved with your divorce.

When you think of your divorce in terms of halves you are focusing on
the glass half empty. It can feel like you have nothing but you
actually have much more. You may not have “it all” right now but you
still have plenty to be grateful for.

Here are some ways to turn HALVES into HAVES:

You see your kids HALF the time, and you HAVE more free time.
You got HALF of the house, but you now HAVE less overhead.
You got HALF of your old friends, but now you HAVE your real friends.
You got HALF of the holidays with your kids, and now you HAVE freedom to travel.

As you transform your life and build a strong foundation for the
future, you may realize that your HALVES help you feel whole again.
What other HAVES have you transformed from your divorce?

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