Transform Your Relationship


Butterfly Change

Whether it’s the inspiring change of the monarch butterfly — taking time to grow, transform and migrate across thousands of miles — or the awakening of self-awareness, there is a profound emotional response to transformation.

Walking home from the office, I saw a butterfly flitting in a garden and I was reminded of how powerful transformation is as a tool in our relationships.

Each time I teach the Relationship Cleanse, I become more aware of the possibilities of transformation. But change doesn’t occur without action. First, the caterpillar must eat to collect the energy needed to form a chrysalis. Then it must find a secure space. Finally, it has to take time to go within — that is where transformation occurs.

I see the same thing happen to the people who come through my door. Whether you want a relationship, to freshen your marriage, or to move on from divorce with dignity, you must take action. My proprietary programs are designed to do just that.

Over the course of the weekend, I see ten individuals change. Posture shifts, sometimes from defeat to empowerment, other times from shielding to openness. As we work within, transformation occurs.

Like butterfly migration, we all have to go a long way in our relationships. Sometimes we get stuck. When our relationships are in turmoil, everything can seem overwhelming. There are tools to get past that and start healing.

Take Action,


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