Tips for Post Divorce Parenting

Parenting after divorce is often completely different than parenting before divorce. Regardless of your circumstance, you can maintain a healthy and well-balanced family across two households. Use the following tips to guide your co-parenting.

Maintain Consistency. Set boundaries and routines for daily practice. Choose quality time of quantity.

Share Parenting. Set routines for visitation and exchange. Even when you can’t look at your ex, be sure to send an email with important family issues. Be a role model for good behavior.

Educate Yourself. Learn about the impact of divorce on children then have a conversation. Open the doors by talking about the divorce with your children.

Demonstrate A Healthy Divorce. Be a role model for the divorce transition. Act with integrity. Be aware of the words you choose to use when speaking about divorce. There is no definitive outcome, only self-created experience.

Help Yourself. Now you need “Me Time” more than ever. Exercise. Eat well. Relax. Sleep. Take care of you.

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