The Survival Kit

The Divorce Detox Survival Kit is a must for anyone going through divorce who wants valuable, expert advice and tangible support. Survival Kit subscribers receive virtual support and coaching in the privacy of their home. The Survival Kit provides the most essential information necessary to navigate the emotional ups and downs of divorce. The comprehensive Survival Kit includes advice, divorce success stories, downloadable podcasts, and practical tips to manage the day-to-day challenges that accompany separation and divorce.

 The Survival Kit Includes Lessons on

  • How to Communicate with your Ex
  • Obsess Less
  • Get Better not Bitter
  • Stay Sane through Divorce
  • Learn from Your Divorce
  • Manage Feelings of Rejection
  • Set Boundaries
  • Keep Your Career from Crumbling through Divorce 
  • Break the News to Friends and Family
  • Rebuild Your Confidence
  • Decipher Divorce Facts from Fiction 
  • and many more.

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