“My personal story is like many others.’ When I joined the group, I was lost. I did not know the next steps to take, having moved out of my house after being married for fifteen years. At 38 years old, I was unable to move forward. Divorce Detox helped me not only process my situation, but also, by the end of the program, to gain the strength and clarity to reclaim my maiden name, find a great place to live, and (best of all) look to the future. I felt hopeful again. I felt whole. Allison had the skills and insight to help me find a path. Three years later, my life is infinitely better than it was before—which is a miracle to me. And I attribute Divorce Detox with setting out a course for me to follow and helping me to get to know myself, the woman I could be instead of the wife that I was.”
– Alexandra, Business Owner


“Just wanted to let you know that things are AMAZING in my life right now–thanks in part to [Divorce Detox] helping me through the difficult transition. I am living in a wonderful apartment now and not even missing the Santa Monica home anymore. My business has taken off and tripled in size over the past year. And I’m dating a great guy, too – the first one I’ve wanted to date since I was married…and we are having a terrific time. Thank you so much for all of your help at the beginning when I was so sad and confused. I can’t imagine why now – because this life is so much better than the one I had.”
– Margaret, Entrepreneur


“When I first [came to Divorce Detox] a few months ago, I was afraid and didn’t trust myself. I was afraid of my own instincts and choices and worried that even if I found someone great, I would not be able to start a new relationship successfully. In the short time I have been working with you, I feel like I have made tremendous strides (though of course I know there is more work to do). I think the biggest overall difference in my mindset from before I started the program is that a few months ago, I knew I was going through change and transition but I was scared, because I didn’t feel like I knew where I was going, emotionally speaking. Several weeks into the program, I feel great about the lessons I am learning, the self-discoveries I am making, and the changes I am going through. I still don’t know exactly where I am going, but I’m no longer scared, and taking that fear away has enabled me to approach a new relationship in a completely different way.”
– Alan, Agent