Harness your personal power and reclaim your life. - Allison Pescosoldio, M.A.

Harness Your Inner Power Through Divorce

  There is one hero in your life – not your ex, or your parents or your boyfriend or girlfriend – only you.

"Take care of yourself so you can take care of your children." - Allison Pescosolido, M.A.

Helping You Helps Your Kids

Think of the airplane analogy – in case of emergency, you put on your oxygen mask before helping the others around you. This is true during major life changes such as divorce. Helping yourself empowers you to care for others.

"Rescuing an animal fills your life with love." - Allison Pescosolido, M.A.

Find Companionship, Adopt a Pet

  Life after divorce can sometimes feel lonely. Fill your life with companionship and love by adopting a dog or cat.

"Dissolve worry. Take time out to listen to music or meditate daily." - Allison Pescosolido, M.A.

Balm for a Broken Heart

Take time to relax everyday. In a world filled with constant input, quiet and calm becomes a soothing balm for the spirit. Encourage personal peace.

To overcome your fears, move through them instead of avoiding them. - Allison Pescosolido, M.A.

Face Fears; Conquer Divorce

  Avoiding your fears allows them time to grow. Rather than waiting until things reach a boiling point, face your fears directly using facts and reality as your gauge.

Get cozy, not lonely. Surround yourself with pillows and blankets in bed.  - Allison Pescosolido, M.A.

Get Cozy, Not Lonely After Divorce

  “Get cozy, not lonely. Surround yourself with pillows and blankets in bed.”  - Allison Pescosolido, M.A. To relieve feelings of loneliness, create a cozy resting space. The presence of pillows and blankets encourages calm.