Tips for Dealing with Your Ex’s New Other

Accept and Move On: The first step in maintaining a friendship with the new person in your ex’s life is to accept that your marriage has ended and acknowledge that both of you are moving on. Release yourself from the past to find peace in the present. Act with Integrity: Make kindness your language. If […]


Create a New Routine

Create a New Routine Set a plan of action for your new habit. Give yourself 32 Days to develop or break any routine. Keep it simple and predictable. Your new habit needs to be built over time. Add complexity one month at a time. Stick with it. Consistency and regular practice build routines, like brushing our teeth each […]


10 Tips to Get Over A Breakup

  Ten Tips to Get Over a Breakup 1: Emote and feel your feelings. Process them so you do not become your feelings.   2: Honor that your broken heart is traumatized and needs attention. 3: Admit you are not perfect (no one is) and take personal responsibility for your part in the relationship. 4: Take great […]

Divorce Detox Programs

Inspiration in Haiku

Happiness isn’t Spontaneous; it grows From taking action. ~ Something different Ignites fear – reframe and own The change from within. ~ When you cannot change Reality, reframe a Brighter perception.