Your Day of Independence

  How you spend your independence day this year is completely up to you. Know this, it can be a positive, uplifting experience. It’s all up to you. You can be with a large group of people, a smaller group, or get zen and go at it alone. The choice is yours. If you are […]

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Co Parenting Strategies for the Holidays

As we move full swing into the holiday season, shared parenting becomes the focus for many in the midst of separation and divorce. Though holiday and divorce stress may seem overwhelming, there are a number of ways to avoid the complications of sharing your children and responsibilities during the holidays. Remember, being proactive and keeping […]

Valentine’s Divorce

Valentines Day is one of the worst days of the year for those going through separation or divorce. Hearts are in the air, store windows are plastered with pink and red, chocolates and roses are prominently displayed for purchase in grocery stores. Romance and love seem to be the only possibility during this time leaving […]

Thanksgiving 2010 and Divorce

Divorce shifts your perspective about everything including the holiday season. There is a tendency to look toward the holidays with dread when you are separated or divorced. Change is not always easy, but a gloomy outlook can really become insidious. The good news is that attitude and perspective are easy to shift. One of the […]