Happily Ever After Divorce

Happily ever after is still possible after divorce. Come with us and explore the possibilities of a better life. www.divorcedetox.com movingon@divorcedetox.com

10 Tips to Get Over A Breakup

You may have been told, “time heals all wounds,” but that phrase is false. Save yourself time and energy by following these ten tips to get over a breakup. Ten Tips to Get Over a Breakup 1: Emote and feel your feelings. Process them so you do not become your feelings. 2: Honor that your […]

Take Steps to Move On

Those who do not learn from what has occurred are doomed to repeat the same mistakes again and again. Wisdom isn’t forgiving and forgetting. Wisdom is learning and creating. What issues are you facing as you transition through your divorce?

Facebook and Divorce

The world is a quickly changing place. Currently, 1 in 5 blame Facebook as the leading cause of their divorce. You don’t have to go it alone, we can help you move on and stay current with your divorce needs. http://divorcedetox.com