The Greatest Love

When you learn to whole-heartedly nurture yourself, when you make the decision to cast yourself as the hero of your life story rather than waiting for prince charming, when you persist in loving yourself through the pain… It is then you will be ready for the greatest love of your life.


5 Tips for Making New Friends

How to have a great summer Summer is the warmest of the seasons. The days are longest, the nights are shortest. Parks and beaches are full of life; the air is thick with possibility. After a marriage, you may feel lonely and uncertain about what to do with this extra daylight. You may have relied […]

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Relationship Talk

New relationships are exciting; the flush of new love makes those little quirks in your new beau seem cute and charming. But as the relationship turns serious and thoughts turn to the long-term, you should have conversations about important subjects to avoid pain and heartbreak in the future. Here are some conversations to have: Money. This […]

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Healing Your Relationship

  Call Today and Empower Your Relationship Relationships can be so complicated. Most of of us learned our relationship skills (or lack thereof) from our family, the media, and simple trial and error. There’s no class in schools teaching how to have successful relationships. But there should be. Relationships are an integral part of life […]


5 Tips for Part-Time Parenting

  “As Turtle, tucked up in his shell, be comfortable within your own skin.” – Allison Pescosolido M.A. 5 Tips for Part-Time Parenting Be Consistent with Your Time: You and your children need to have your time together. Value your children by respecting their time with you. Be a Role Model for Behavior: Act cordially and respectfully […]


How to Talk About Your Divorce

Talking about your divorce can be problematic. Many stumble from over-sharing or feel trapped, not being able to share at all. Below are some pointers to help you talk about your divorce. Remember, you have the power to say as little or as much as you’d like in any situation and you can stop the […]