Relationship Cleanse

Relationship Cleanse

“I’ll be alone forever” is simply the biggest lie that you can ever tell yourself.  Unless that is, you have the desire to be alone forever. Then you can probably make that happen. A good relationship is a dream that you can make come true. Here’s how:   1. Detox Your Past Relationships. Cleanse the […]

DD Esalen Postcard

Spring Cleanse

There are still a few of spots left for a Relationship Cleanse at the most beautiful place on earth, Esalen, 3/28-30. Shoots are beginning to sprout from the earth and buds are beginning to burst. The earth is changing position, drawing us closer to spring. Let nature act as inspiration this year as you take an […]

Butterfly Change

Transform Your Relationship

  Whether it’s the inspiring change of the monarch butterfly — taking time to grow, transform and migrate across thousands of miles — or the awakening of self-awareness, there is a profound emotional response to transformation. Walking home from the office, I saw a butterfly flitting in a garden and I was reminded of how […]