Ten Tips for Breakup Success

“Change is one of life’s greatest gifts.” – Allison Pescosolido M.A. Ten Tips for Breakup Success 1. Set Boundaries. Make a set of rules or behaviors for yourself. This will help you separate with integrity. 2. Break the Isolation. Get out into the world and start doing things on your own. You’ll feel better for it. 3. […]

Butterfly Change

Transform Your Relationship

  Whether it’s the inspiring change of the monarch butterfly — taking time to grow, transform and migrate across thousands of miles — or the awakening of self-awareness, there is a profound emotional response to transformation. Walking home from the office, I saw a butterfly flitting in a garden and I was reminded of how […]

Change Happens with Small Steps in Relationships

“Change happens when you take small steps of courage.” – Allison Pescosolido M.A.


Create a New Routine

Create a New Routine Set a plan of action for your new habit. Give yourself 32 Days to develop or break any routine. Keep it simple and predictable. Your new habit needs to be built over time. Add complexity one month at a time. Stick with it. Consistency and regular practice build routines, like brushing our teeth each […]

DD Change

DD Heart