Relationship Cleanse

May Cleanse

Divorce Detox is proud to present a Relationship Cleanse. Join us for this six week course beginning May 14, 2014, and explore the possibilities of a new and empowered life. Come gain a deep appreciation for your divorce or breakup and learn to move on.

Heal from the past and create a better future while detoxing under the care of our relationship experts. Discover how to reframe and restart your life with the Divorce Detox self-improvement techniques that have empowered thousands to move on from divorce in a healthy, adaptive way.

This workshop facilitates the opportunity to share personal experiences and hear from members of the opposite sex in a supportive environment, in order to help participants reframe themselves into a life of happiness and self-discovery. The workshop is designed to help you:

· Commit to moving on

· Shift the divorce perspective

 · Understand the emotions of divorce

· Lay a new foundation

· Grieve and heal

· Establish healthy boundaries

· Self-reflect with accountability

· Self-forgive

· Gain closure

· Continue on a path of self-discovery


Divorce Detox utilizes effective, empirically-based treatments drawn from the fields of psychology, sociology, and the behavioral sciences. Whether you are single, separated, or divorced, our time together will give you the opportunity to learn valuable skills to restart your life.

Email or call to start your cleanse. // 323-378-6739