Re-Discovering Yourself & Your Passions Through Divorce

The desire to discover new passions is usually influenced by major changes in life. Retirement, marriage, birth and divorce are all life-changing events in which new passions may become nurtured. Divorce can inspire a person to rediscover and pursue a dormant passion that was not supported by their ex-spouse, like landscaping or jogging, or discover a new passion. Not all people have activities they are passionate about; yet they feel something is missing in their lives. Activities that a divorcing couple was passionate about together may not carry the same passion individually as it did when they were together. In these cases, a person may be at loss about how to discover new passions. Thankfully, discovering new passions is possible. With a little openness, adventure and fun, any one can discover new passions that bring joy to life.

Discovering a Passion: The Open Approach
A great way to discover new passions is to reflect openly. This takes a relaxing approach and a willingness to listen to your body. Start by doing a relaxing activity. This can be anything from yoga to enjoying a quiet evening by the fireplace to taking a long walk at the beach. While you relax, enjoy the silence. Ideas should come to you about your passions, though you may need to redirect your thoughts occasionally to passions (and not dinner plans!). Write down any ideas that come to you. Any activity that you enjoy, from teaching to painting to constructing paper clip necklaces, should be considered passions at this point.

Discovering a Passion: Adventure
By being open with yourself, you can determine a few possible passions. Once you have an idea of possible passions, the adventure of establishing the passion into a viable career or hobby begins. The following are some ways to pursue your passions:

Volunteer at anything. From volunteering at a food bank to enjoy helping people, to volunteering at the library to pad your resume as one step to becoming a librarian, or volunteering at the theater to get free theater tickets as a theater buff, volunteering can open possibilities to you.

Return to school. If you are making a huge career switch, returning to school is a good option for establishing your passion. Taking classes is also a great option for anyone pursuing a passion as a hobby.

Make your passions known. Finding social groups directed toward your passion and sharing your new passion with friends can open a great network for advancing your new career or hobby.

Practice your passion. Of course, dedicate as much time as possible to your new passion. Practice makes perfect.

Discovering a Passion: Have Fun
The most important parts of discovering a passion is having fun for the sheer joy of it. Whether you are pursuing a new career or learning to paint, a passion is only a passion as long as you have fun pursuing it. Through all of your investigation, make sure you leave time to let loose and have fun. Check in with yourself throughout the discovery process to see if you are having fun will help you determine if the activity is a passion or something you think you should do.

Passions can inspire people to become the best possible version of themselves. They can make life more enjoyable, and they can encourage someone who is depressed to feel re-energized, and happy. Divorce Detox recognizes that reconnecting to passions or discovering new passions is an important step in divorce recovery, so take a little time to explore and have fun with your passions.

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  1. Yes, I did rediscover my passions through divorce. But the period of separation and divorce was ever so painful. Bill

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