Whether you are married, separated, divorced or single, we can help.

Divorce Detox: This groundbreaking program detoxes the pain of divorce so you are able to survive and thrive.  Unlike traditional therapy which tends to keep you stuck in the past, this forward moving program helps you move on from divorce, heal the pain of your past and create a healthy future.  With Divorce Detox, the universal divorce stories of loss, heartbreak, betrayal and revenge get healed and re-written into narratives encompassing wisdom, self-compassion, and integrity. This proven, proprietary program facilitates healing the past, transforming your relationship from spouse to ex, and creating a foundation for a secure future. The wisdom that is gained helps you to avoid repeating the same relationship mistakes so you can move forward confidently to create a future, often better than the past. You will feel empowered, renewed, and recharged as you confidently create a better life for yourself.

Marriage Detox: What if you could revitalize yourself and your marriage?  This program gives you the opportunity to take a step back from the stressors of life and focus on YOU,  your happiness, and peace of mind.  You have the opportunity to reevaluate who you are and where you are going in the safety of our healing sanctuary. You will be exposed to relationship tools so you can repair past wounds and grow closer with your spouse.  The past does not have to haunt you. It can be healed so that it no longer infiltrates the future.  Participants report witnessing transformation and having relationships better than they ever imagined after completing this program.  You can feel inspired and rejuvenated.

Relationships Detox: This invigorating, life-changing program is really a re-education. We have found that most people have been doing the best they can with what they know. The problem is, their basic foundation of relationship know-how is not sufficient.  In this program you can benefit from understanding relationship fundamentals, sustainability, and how to grow a relationship together instead of apart. As you shift your relationship lens you will become invigorated and feel recharged, culminating in a deep wisdom that re-ignites your passion and motivation.  You will have the opportunity to heal the past so that it no longer infiltrates your future.  Participants report having relationships better than they ever imagined after completing this program. Both men and women can participate. You can increase your self-confidence and gain a new perspective on relationships, one that is in alignment with who you are instead of who you should be with.

All programs include:

•  In person or telephone meetings

• Materials

• Access to consults in between sessions

All programs are 100% confidential.

Detoxing  can help you avoid the following life challenges associated:

1.   Sleep disorders
2.   Depression
3.   Parental alienation
4.   Child development issues
5.   Pain
6.   Loss of friends
7.   Repeating same problems in future relationships
8.   Excessive weight gain or loss
9.   Anxiety
10. Isolation, loneliness and alienation
11. Hopelessness
12. Social anxiety
13. Difficulty controlling your emotions
14. Lack of direction
15. Decreased productivity
16. Increased life struggles
17. Financial Loss
18. Unnecessary life drama
19. Excessive use of alcohol and/or drugs
20. Constant blaming, complaining and worry
21. Negative future fantasies
22. Loss of identity and community
23. Living in fear
24. Inability to enjoy life
25. Being alone for the rest of your life