Divorce Detox

Divorce can lead to personal empowerment.

Our perceptions of divorce are drawn from parents, friends and the media. Previous experience with divorce can taint our current experience. If your parents bitterly divorced when you were young, you may feel destined to have the same experience. Or if your parents were married for 30 years you may feel like a complete failure now that you are getting divorced. We want you to know that how you are affected by your divorce is not something that is pre-determined. You get to choose how you want to experience your divorce, and you are completely responsible for how adaptively you recover.

Once you make the choice, Divorce Detox will help you with the rest. You have it in you to take control of your life, even during this out of control time.

Divorce Detox rehabilitates the spirit and increases overall well-being in every aspect of life. With the Divorce Detox program, the universal divorce stories of loss, heartbreak, betrayal and revenge are re-written into narratives encompassing learning, self-compassion, forgiveness, and integrity. Through the use of empirically based psychological modalities, mindfulness, psycho-education, and life coaching, Divorce Detox utilizes a holistic approach to address all the areas affected by divorce including children, friends and family, career, home and health. Divorce Detox is the road to successful divorce recovery that detoxes the harmful residues that emotional toll of divorce (and a dysfunctional marriage) leaves.

Divorce Detox transforms the lives of individuals transitioning through separation and divorce.

This is not your ordinary workshop. As soon as you commit to participating in this program, you are stepping into a new and even better life after divorce. You will immediately start to renew your mind, body and spirit through a multi-faceted approach that includes psycho-education, therapeutic support, and foundational life skills. Throughout this program you will benefit from the Divorce Detox self-improvement techniques that have empowered and encouraged hundreds of people to move on from divorce in a healthy adaptive way.

Detox from your divorce and regenerate your life.

Your enrollment in the workshop includes:

•  Divorce Detox Workbook

• Personal Digital Document reviewed by staff

• Access to consults in between sessions

•  Exclusive group texting

•  Divorce Detox Survival Kit daily support and website


Please visit our testimonial page to view videos of our clients describing the value and life changing results they received.


This Divorce Detox program will help you to:

• Understand the breakdown in your marriage
• Establish a productive and civil relationship with your Ex
• Vent your feelings in a safe and healing environment
• Shift your negative beliefs and perceptions about your divorce
• Re-structure and rebuild your new life
• Manage your outer world while you deal with your inner world
• Learn and grow from your experience of divorce
• Divorce with integrity
• Find the best ways to support your children
• Be an effective single parent
• To let go of the past and create a better future

The curriculum covers:

Committing to Moving On
Individuals going through divorce have to make a pivotal choice. They are either going to stay stuck in the past making their divorce a way of life, or they are going to let go and move forward into a new and better life. Creating a vision for the future and what it means to move on is the first pivotal step in the recovery process.

Laying A New Foundation

Divorce is confusing, disorienting and unsettling. Everything that was once safe and secure is up in the air, so laying down new groundwork is an essential step in moving forward. Positive and longstanding change stems from a solid foundation of knowledge, support and self-care.

Understanding the Emotions of Divorce

Divorce brings up a multitude of present and past feelings. While every person’s experience and relationship is unique, there are some universal feelings that are normal during this time. Knowing what is normal, and having an idea of what to expect can smooth the transition, and ease some of the unnecessary suffering.

Establishing Healthy Boundaries

Your divorce transition is one of the most vulnerable experiences you will endure. Protecting yourself and knowing how to deal with your outer world will greatly impact your experience during this fragile time. Dealing with your ex, family, friends, colleagues and the general public in a healthy and productive way will be paramount to your recovery.

Shifting the Divorce Perspective

False beliefs are limiting, and can get in the way of seeing reality clearly. We are all raised with specific ideas and fantasies about marriage and divorce, many of which do not serve us during the divorce transition. Understanding one’s truth and sorting through what is false leads to clarity and a greater ability to move forward.

Self-Reflection and Accountability

Reviewing one’s marriage and what led to the dissolution of the marriage is essential in moving on. It is also important to do this to avoid making the same mistakes in a new relationship going forward. Through self-reflection and accountability, you can uncover and take responsibility for how you contributed to your divorce so you can gain the wisdom and self-knowledge you need to move forward in a healthy way.

The greatest pain of divorce stems from the many layers of loss inherent in this experience. Becoming aware of the losses associated with your divorce opens you up to being able to grieve them so you can let go and move on. Properly grieving is crucial for full divorce recovery. Any residue of the past will be carried forward and will contaminate your future.


This is one of the hardest concepts when it comes to divorce recovery, but it is one of the most fundamental and necessary steps toward moving on. Forgiveness is freedom, and not forgiving yourself keeps you stuck in the pain and anger. Self-forgiveness is equally important and must be accomplished before full recovery can take place.

Fully moving on from divorce requires completion of the relationship to your Ex. Even if you are still in contact because of children, your divorce signifies the death of the relationship you had with your spouse when you were married. Specific action steps need to be taken to complete this relationship, and to put closure to any open wounds or memories.

Self  Discovery

When the time is right, it is essential to create a new life plan after divorce. Re-discovering who you are and creating a new identity are important aspects of moving into a new and better life. Getting to know yourself again, experimenting with life, dating and spending time alone are some examples of ways to move into this new phase of life.

If you are someone who:

  • Wants to learn the fundamentals of transitioning through divorce
  • Prefers a slower, less intense course experience
  • Has time to commit to 10 hours of divorce support
  • Likes to have time to process what you learn

Then the workshop is for you.

Three Ways to Detox:

Divorce Detox 90 Day Retreat

The Divorce Detox Retreat is designed for the individual seeking to reframe their life out of the heartbreak and trauma of divorce. This comprehensive program combines the tools and skills developed by Allison Pescosolido in her Divorce Detox, Marriage Detox, and Dating Detox programs. The retreat caters to the individual participant by examining and detoxing past relationships and attitudes about divorce. This intensive program assists its participants in building the skills and habits needed for a healthy and positive life.

The retreat begins with a complete Divorce Detox at our center in West Hollywood, California. During these four days, participants learn the skill needed to reframe their lives during and after divorce. Over the next ten weeks, Allison works with the individual, coaching them in detox development. Participants will talk with Allison, journal, and engage in activities to promote their new lives. After ten weeks of practice and assistance in detoxing, participants return to the center in West Hollywood and engage in another four day intensive. This closing workshop cements the skills and strengths learned through the detox program. Included in the closing workshop is the Dating Detox Program. When participants complete the retreat, they will have the skills and tools to not only reframe their lives after divorce but to build healthier and stronger relationships in the future.

Divorce Detox Individual

The Individual Program includes four days of intensive Divorce Detox Workshops geared specifically to your individual needs. These private workshops include the full Divorce Detox coursework and materials. Individual intensives can be completed in person at our center in West Hollywood or through telecommunication.

Enrollment for the Individual Program is ongoing. Call today to begin reframing your life and future relationships.

Divorce Detox Group

The Divorce Detox Group Program includes a full course of workshops in a group setting. Many clients appreciate the Group Program because it allows for opportunities to share personal experiences and hear from members of the opposite sex. The Group Program creates a supportive environment for members to reframe into a life of happiness and self discovery.

Programs occur at the Divorce Detox Center in West Hollywood, California. The program runs for six weeks.

Please visit our testimonial page to view videos of our clients describing the value and life changing results they received.

Just wanted to let you know that things are AMAZING in my life right now–thanks in part to you helping me through the difficult transition. I am living in a wonderful apartment now and not even missing the previous home anymore. My business has taken off and tripled in size over the past year. And I’m dating a great guy, too-the first one I’ve wanted to date since I was married…and we are having a terrific time. Thank you so much for all of your help at the beginning when I was so sad and confused. I can’t imagine why now–because this life is so much better than the one I had.– Elena, client