Marriage and Mr. Peanut

Adam Ross’ new book “Mr. Peanut” is about 3 characters contemplate killing their wives. Amazon asked Adam what his wife thought about the book. He said: “Sometimes she wants to kill me, too. Honestly, she was really moved by it and hung tough waiting for me to finish it. In a lot of ways it’s the Escher-obverse of our own marriage. I mentioned how long we’ve been together, but I’ll give you a more personal example. During our eleventh year of marriage, we did go to Hawaii like David and Alice do in the book. But we had a glorious two weeks on Kauai and Oahu and it was there that we found out we were going to have our first child and this marked a wonderful new chapter in our marriage, whereas David and Alice’s trip is horrifically tragic and marks the beginning of the end of theirs.”

“Mr. Peanut is most harrowing in its bleakly convincing portrayal of the eternal contest that often passes for a marriage, with each partner holding the other responsible for his or her deepest unhappiness”, wrote Scott Turow in his extensive review of Mr. Peanut. See more
in the New York Times.

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