Maria Shriver’s Divorce Transition

Courageous Maria Shriver reached out to the world and posted a video on You Tube, asking for help during her divorce transition, probably one of the most stressful periods in life.

Like most intelligent individuals with tremendous wisdom, intelligence and life experience, Maria Shriver recognizes that divorce has the uncanny inability to leave one feeling unprepared with no idea about your future holds. While every divorce experience is unique, it is important to be mindful that divorce is a transition . Much like a heart attack, it is important to give yourself time to rehabilitate your heart and your life.

Here are 3 things to think about pending divorce:

Naturally you are accustomed to being in the media and well-versed in guarding your personal life. In divorce you must put up boundaries, even with the people closest to you. One of the greatest lessons one can learn during the divorce transition is that you need to re-establish who you allow into your inner circle of supportive friends. There may be many people that have been helpful in the past, but now its time to ask how do these people serve me now that I am getting divorced? Many close friends and family, while being well-intentioned do not have the knowledge to help you through the divorce transition.

Another important aspect to the transition of divorce is to be prepared for anything. It’s a rocky, tumultuous journey even in the most amicable situations. Divorce does not discriminate due to gender, age, social status or career. Divorce, just like any change, can be unpredictable, disruptive, transformative and uncomfortable. Preparing for divorce is not unlike preparing for a natural disaster. You want to have everything you need in advance in case of the worst, but you also don’t want to overly anticipate an outcome you have no control over. You were smart to have asked questions in advance.

Self Care
Lastly, just like you, many people put their partner first in the marriage and sacrifice their own needs for the greater good of the family. There is a tendency to continue this pattern during the divorce transition, and this can be a detrimental mistake. Just like the oxygen mask theory, you want to take care of yourself first before you can be of service to anyone else. Having a “me” attitude during this time is not selfish, it is essential. Focusing on self-care, being kind to yourself, and allowing yourself the space to heal will ease this very difficult transition and help you to come out strong on the other side.

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