How to Divorce

You are not prepared for divorce. No one is.

Our program was created to prevent you from becoming like many divorced individuals who never reclaim their lives after divorce, only to be stuck in the past harboring anger and resentment.  You will learn how to divorce with integrity and consciousness, replacing anger, resentment and shame with security, balance and peace of mind.

Divorce is toxic and can contaminate your life.

The emotional toll of divorce and the end of a marriage leave harmful residue that need to be cleansed from your mind and body. Without proper attention, leftover remnants from your past may infiltrate your future in subtle yet detrimental ways (unhappiness, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, future relationship problems, etc.). Research shows that negative emotions can take a serious toll on one’s emotional and physical well-being, while getting in the way of living a happy, fulfilling life. The end of the marriage may or may not have been in your control, but whether you choose to move on from your divorce is completely up to you.

The inability to fully recover from divorce is not an inevitability, it is a choice. You can survive and thrive with a Divorce Detox.


From your first appointment, the Initial Reframe, you will start to gain clarity.  Whether you come to our divorce center in Los Angeles or speak to us over the phone, you will encounter a loving, supportive sanctuary to begin your healing journey unlike anything else you have experienced before.

Our work is powerful and time-limited. As you detox the pain and toxins you will notice life-changing results. Watch what our clients have to say (in their own words) here.

Learning how to consciously divorce with Divorce Detox can help insure that your next relationship is stable and lasting.

The probability of a first marriage ending in divorce within five years is 20 percent.

After a decade, the chances of a divorce are 33 percent.
As the number of marriages increases, so does the risk.
By the third time around, about 73 percent will dissolve.  

(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)

Top 10 Reasons Leading to Divorce or Separation

1. Deterioration of the relationship due to poor communications
2. Different financial expectations or financial problems
3. A lack of commitment to the marriage. Oftentimes, when children arrive, couples put their relationship on hold and focus on the children, practically forgetting about their relationship.
4. A dramatic change in priorities
5. Mid-life crisis
6. Infidelity causes nearly 1/3 of all U.S. divorces and therefore is considered the most common reason for divorce
7. Failed expectations or unmet needs
8. Addictions and substance abuse
9. Physical, sexual or emotional abuse
10. Immaturity, lack of conflict resolution skills, inability to manage conflict