How to “Divorce Proof” Your Marriage

Divorce Detox shared some tips with Fox News Magazine Today about how to strengthen a marriage. Here is a recent excerpt:

“5. Compliment rather than criticize.

Criticisms are hard to shake; they echo in the mind and tend to become negative self-talk. On the other hand, most people have a tough time actually hearing compliments. Make a habit of complementing your spouse at least once a day. At first he or she might find the practice unusual or strange, but soon it will become a natural part of a loving and nurturing routine.

6. Go from boring to intriguing.

Expanding your own horizons will invigorate you and make you much more exciting and appealing to your spouse. After you have developed new interests and skills, share them with your partner in a fun and motivated manner. Or better yet, find a new hobby that the two of you can explore together.

7. Be affectionate in your words and actions.

Remember to always treat your spouse like the special individual that he or she is. Everyone likes to feel loved and appreciated on a daily basis. Try pretending that you have just begun dating and go out of your way to impress your “brand new” love interest all over again.”

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