Thanksgiving and Divorce

Many years back in 1621 Thanksgiving started as a day to give thanks for the harvest. Today, it has many meanings, depending on the individual. The word Thanksgiving is composed of two words, thanks and giving. In its most basic form, it‘s a day to give thanks and demonstrate gratitude. In tough times Thanksgiving and gratitude can be challenging. Personal darkness and sadness tend to overshadow feelings of thankfulness. It can be especially helpful to make the shift from victim thinking and pessimism to an attitude of gratitude. Even taking just one minute to do so can make a positive impact on your well-being. The following list may give you some ideas of what to be grateful for. We can give thanks for: Our breath and being alive, here now. Our eyes, ears , legs and body. Our brains and our ability to think, dream and wonder. The mountains, beach and desert: the beauty of the natural world. The sun, it shines every day. Music, beautiful music. Our courage and willingness to get through challenges. Unknown blessings already on their way.

Happy Thanksgiving! Gratitude is mental sunshine.

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