Healing Your Relationship


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Relationships can be so complicated. Most of of us learned our relationship skills (or lack thereof) from our family, the media, and simple trial and error. There’s no class in schools teaching how to have successful relationships. But there should be.

Relationships are an integral part of life and require understanding and compassion. With education comes empowerment and it is never too late to initiate growth. It is possible (and even probable) to have a great relationship, if you choose to make it a priority.

Start here with five tips to help you build your relationship skills.

▪ Compliment each other. Be sure to say nice things and remember your “pleases” and “thank you.” Positive speech grounds us with joy.
▪ Listen to your partner. Make eye contact and face your spouse during conversations. Actively listen and restate what you hear to improve communication.
▪ Commit to your own personal development. Pursue your own interests and happiness. You will be joyful and motivated focusing on your own hobbies instead of trying to be interested in other people’s hobbies.
▪ Build New Commonalities. Find new interests to share as a couple. Grow together by developing a new hobby or joining your spouse in a hobby or interest that they enjoy.
▪ Date night won’t cut it. Do more than a weekly date night. Find ways to show your love and appreciation every day.

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