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Just the term divorce is enough to make many hearts skip a beat, knowing the pain and despair it may bring.

Sonja Fisher is divorced and she says, “it can be something that’s life stopping.”

These days, there seems to be an explosion in products and services to help make this massive life change a little easier on everyone involved.

Sonja signed up for Divorce Detox, a program that promises to teach you how to feel better, not bitter.

Divorce Detox is one of many new programs, products and services designed to take the pain out of a split.  You can find divorce coaches and divorce planners, a divorce toolkit and even a ‘divorce in a box’.

Francine Haras, co-founder of Start Over Smart says, “Finally people really realize they need these resources.”

The mother Daughter team Haras and Nicole Feuer created a conference focusing on divorce after Nicole’s marriage ended. “I think companies are starting to recognize that there are millions of people getting divorced and it’s a niche that needs to be served,” said Feuer.

Francine and Nicole run a ‘Start Over Smart’ event. It is a two day conference and expo where divorcees can learn about all of the help that is now available. Nicole explains how the conference works. “We provide all the services people would need that they don’t even think about; career advice, dating advice, and advice on your children.”

While there’s no clear cut statistic on the divorce business itself, it’s clear the number is in the billions and growing.

Therapists and psychological organizations tell us it’s great to have new options for people to find help, but with between 850,000 to 950,000 divorces each year, they stress each divorce scenario can be very different.

One universal bond, however, is the recommendation to see a licensed professional. Allison Pescosolido, of Divorce Detox says, “It helps them lay the foundation for a new life, get closure from their past, and transition through this process healing the emotions.”

Sonja Fisher says she’s living proof. “There’s not the drama that used to be there all the time.”

All the additional avenues for help are a great option for those going through divorce, but each divorce can be different, and each individual’s needs call for individualized help and guidance, which can be found with a licensed therapist.

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