Groundhog Day and Divorce

Happy Groundhog Day. It is also the name of the 1993 comedy where Bill Murray finds himself repeating the same day, over and over again. In the end he examines his life and priorities and makes a shift to what matters most.

Many of our clients come to us with Groundhog Day like symptoms, repeating the same pain, over and over again. then make a shift and move on, building the foundation for a fulfilling life.

When the mind gets stuck thinking the same troubling thoughts, often reliving pain from the past, we call this “looping”. Looping causes unnecessary suffering and is an indication that unresolved grief is present.

Some common signs that unresolved grief is present:

-unresolved grief tends to drain our energy
-unresolved grief tends to lead us to limit our exposure to relationships to “protect” ourselves
-unresolved grief causes us to hide our true feelings

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