Divorce Builds Resilience

The adversity of divorce is profound, and it certainly creates havoc on the lives of those going through it. Not unlike death, illness and job loss, divorce pushes the boundaries of what most people think they can tolerate in terms of emotional struggle. While life challenges seem unbearable when they are happening, new research shows that there may be benefits to building your adversity muscles.

Believe it or not, divorce offers opportunity on many levels even though it can be riddled with trials and tribulations. One of the more positive outcomes of your divorce is the chance to learn and grow from adversity. Whether your divorce is just a rung on your hardship ladder, or you are facing your first life trauma, you are gaining strength and resilience from the experience. Here are some things you might come to realize as you move through divorce:

What you are capable of
There are many things that seem impossible, but actually end up being doable. Your divorce will give you the chance to overcome any fears you have been harboring as well as any obstacles that have been keeping you from knowing your true strength.

Who your real friends are
Divorce is a perfect opportunity to see who shows up for you during challenging times. Friends and loved ones you thought would be a pillar of strength may not pull through. At the same time you may have some people that surprise you with their unexpected love and support.

What support networks you have in place
Most people seek out support networks in a crisis, but find that it’s a scramble to get what they need. Divorce is often unexpected so it’s not something you plan to have support for. However, it’s always a good idea to have a network of people, particularly professionals, who you can turn to in a time of need.

How you respond to adversity
Sometimes you can’t know how you will deal with something until it happens. It’s impossible to anticipate how divorce feels, but now that you have experienced it you can compare it to other challenging experiences. Divorce gives you a lot to draw on and use for future unfortunate circumstances.

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