The Academy Divorce

While there have been many successful women with successful marriages, it seems that in the movie industry, academy award winning actresses have a higher probability of divorce after winning an Oscar.

A recent research study by researchers at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and Carnegie Mellon University found that 60% of the married women who have been nominated for Best Actress from the beginning of the modern Oscars in 1936 to the present, got divorced. The study compared the rate of divorce among female Oscar winners to those who were only nominated, and the winners were more likely to head to divorce court and have a 63 percent chance of having a shorter marriage than their fellow nominee.

It’s hard to speculate the reasoning behind these findings. Here are some potential reasons for this phenomenon:

Success can be threatening. Success represents power, and power can feel dangerous when there is an imbalance of it in a relationship.

Success leads to opportunity. When doors are opened, shedding one’s past and moving forward without any attachments can be tempting.

Success can increase income. Money (especially an imbalance of it) can shift dynamics in a relationship. This may be more pronounced when the larger income comes from the woman.

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