The Power of Distraction


Give yourself permission to heal. - Allison Pescosolido M.A.We all have those moments when patience wears thin and frustration starts to build. During the trauma of divorce, breakups and separation, those instances may occur more frequently. Dealing with high conflict exes, the stress of moving and dividing assets are tricky even for the most amicable of splitting couples. This is perfectly normal but that does not mean the rest of your life needs to be one of anger and impatience. Instead, alleviate those emotions by distracting yourself.

Research tells us that distraction has powerful effects on the mind ranging from stress and pain relief to creative inspiration, balance, and the alleviation of depressive symptoms.

Distractions are powerful because they interrupt the (often negative) thoughts occurring within your mind. Taking a short 5-10 minute break from a task rejuvenates your workflow and increases productivity. By interrupting your focus, you allow the mind to relax, just as you would allow your muscles to rest between sets while exercising. This calm affects your thinking and your emotions.

Next time you feel yourself becoming frustrated or impatient, take a break and distract yourself with another activity. Save yourself the stress and come back later with a clearer head and heart to finish the task at hand.


12 Easy Ways to Distract Yourself:

1. Sing
2. Go Outdoors
3. Exercise or Stretch
4. Dance
5. Sketch or Draw
6. Take a Walk
7. Meditate
8. Get a massage
9. Socialize with friends
10. Cook
11. Play a game
12. Sleep on it


As you move through relationships, you will need to decipher the difference between fear and reality. Fears are simply false expectations appearing real. It is okay to have them, but don’t let them paralyze you. You have many decisions ahead of you. Education is empowering. It is the greatest weapon against your fears. Start your empowerment by taking our free Divorce Assessment online.


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