Depression in Men After Divorce

Men often have a higher rate of depression following divorce than women. In fact, men are twice as likely to be depressed following divorce than are women. Many factors contribute to this depression rate including:

- Men are less likely to seek emotional support
- Men are more likely to lose custody of the children
- Men are less likely to adjust to financial hardships following divorce
- Men are less likely the initiators of the divorce

Seek Emotional Help
So, what can a man do following divorce to help him overcome depression? First, men should seek emotional help. They can see a divorce recovery specialist, attend a support group, or seek the assistance of family or friends. Talking through issues is a good place to start and can help men overcome depression and address personal issues that may have contributed to the divorce.

Because men are often seeking someone to discuss divorce issues with, men often jump into new relationships. However, men need to be more cautious about jumping into relationships because judgment may be clouded by emotional issues. This clouded judgment can lead to another failed relationship, spiraling into depression again. Men should instead take some time to themselves before searching for another relationship.

Take Time to Assess
Men who take the time to review the dissolution of their marriage and the feelings about their divorce are more likely to have successful future relationships than men who may have jumped into new relationships. A great time-frame to aim for divorce recovery is one or two years before pursuing a new relationship. Studies show that it takes one or two years for a person to fully establish a new life after divorce, and rushing a relationship without fully establishing a sense of self often has negative impacts on new relationships.

Think Positive
Without professional help it is often difficult to be positive following divorce, especially when divorce has influenced depression. However, positive attitudes following divorce often lead to quicker depression recovery. So, every day, assess the positive parts of your life, even if you can only think of one positive thing per day. With practice, it becomes much easier to think positively.

Have a Goal
One way to re-establish identity and overcome depression is to make a goal or several goals. Men are great at reaching goals, whether the goal is building a bookshelf, a car, or a savings account. Reaching the goal increases positive energy, decreases depression and re-builds identity.

Men may be more prone to depression following divorce than women, but there are proven ways to overcome depression. Seeking emotional help from a divorce recovery specialist, taking time to assess, thinking positively, and establishing goals can all help divorced men re-establish positive self-images and solve personal issues. Solving these issues will influence healthier future relationships. At Divorce Detox, we realize divorce can be traumatic to men, but we also realize divorce depression and divorce issues can be overcome with a little work and a little patience.

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