Celebrity Snafu: Jamie Pressly’s Divorce

Jamie Pressly is having a rough time. After 16 months of marriage, the model turned actress filed for divorce from her husband Simran Singh. Unfortunately divorce is not the most pressing issue Pressly is dealing with. As E! Online reports, Pressly was arrested for a DUI in January, and has over a 1/2 million dollar tax lien on her property. Jamie Pressly, like many individuals who are divorcing, find themselves dealing with multiple challenges at the same time. Whether it’s finances, illness, job loss, or death of a loved one, difficult life circumstances can over-stress a marriage to begin with, and ultimately exacerbate the effects of divorce. It’s hard to know which event in Pressly’s life led to the demise of her marriage, or if her bad marriage caused her current circumstances. Either way, here are a few things Pressly can do to ensure a brighter future.

Gain Insight
Pressly would greatly benefit from working with a professional on romantic relationship choices and dynamics. She is clearly repeating mistakes, and will need to understand her patterns before being able to develop a healthy relationship with a new partner.

Examine Beliefs
Pressly broke off an engagement to the father of her child, and then married Singh quickly after they became engaged. Pressly might want to re-evaluate her intentions for marriage, along with her beliefs about marriage in general. There are no hard and fast rules, but it helps to be mindful and thoughtful about important life choices.

Re-defining Needs
Pressly told Redbook “"I'd like to be with somebody who isn't afraid to take care of me – whether they have the same financial means as me or not." Her need to be taken care of may be leftover from childhood, an underlying issue that could have put strain on her romantic relationships. Getting clear about what is realistic and healthy to demand of her partners will help her to maneuver her next relationship with greater ease.

Pressly is reportedly hoping to avoid paying alimony to Singh, and she is already talking about dropping his name. While we wish her the best of luck, it will take more that dropping a hyphenated name to move on from her divorce in a healthy, adaptive way.

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