Prying and Spying: From Marriage to Divorce

When you think your spouse might be having an affair you feel it in your gut. Something seems off, but you can’t be specific and you may not have any hard evidence to prove what you are sensing is true. This uncertainty can be unbearable. You will do anything to know the truth. When you’ve […]

The Evolution of Marriage?

In this day in age, when everything in the world seems to be changing and evolving- from the economy, to the environment, to the boom of the internet world- is only fitting that the institution of marriage should be changing as well. In a recent Times article, a few interesting and thought provoking questions were […]

Turning Your Divorce HALVES Into HAVES

Divorce is all about halves so it’s not surprising that we say that people “split up”, or that the word divorce is rooted in divide. With divorce everything you thought was whole is now half. Finances, assets, kids, friends, and your sense of self are just a few of the ways you can feel halved […]

Alone for the Holidays

One of the greatest fears that surfaces with divorce is the fear of being alone. Whether it’s the fear of growing old alone, sleeping alone, eating alone or just plain being alone, the depth of fear it evokes can be debilitating. There is no other time that this is more pronounced than around the holidays. […]

The Benefits of Being One Adult

Divorce has a bright side: the opportunity to restart your life. As you detox and heal you may discover a better version of yourself than you have ever known. Here are some benefits of being one adult: Easy to get a table in a busy restaurant (or sit at the bar) Listen to any music […]

Divorce Detox Diary November 3

Welcome to Divorce Detox Diary, your divorce resource guide in Los Angeles. Designed to meet the great need for connection and resources inherent in the separation and divorce experience, Divorce Detox Diary offers a weekly list of events, contacts and inspirational ideas to ease the divorce transition. We welcome suggested events and resources from our […]