Celebrity Snafu: Jamie Pressly’s Divorce

Jamie Pressly is having a rough time. After 16 months of marriage, the model turned actress filed for divorce from her husband Simran Singh. Unfortunately divorce is not the most pressing issue Pressly is dealing with. As E! Online reports, Pressly was arrested for a DUI in January, and has over a 1/2 million dollar […]

The Emotional Divorce

A legal divorce ends a marriage in the eyes of the law. Family law attorneys and mediators help divorcing couples to get through the system, but anyone who has been through a divorce knows that the division of finances, assets and belongings only represents a small portion of what it means to get divorced. There […]

The Divorce Transition

Divorce is usually a completely new life experience; many don’t know what to expect or if their experience is “normal”. Even those who take great care to plan their divorce are surprised by the roller coaster of symptoms of divorce. Some common symptoms of divorce are anxiety, depression, isolation, shame, decreased functioning, loneliness, lack of […]

Divorce Builds Resilience

The adversity of divorce is profound, and it certainly creates havoc on the lives of those going through it. Not unlike death, illness and job loss, divorce pushes the boundaries of what most people think they can tolerate in terms of emotional struggle. While life challenges seem unbearable when they are happening, new research shows […]

Divorce Detox Diary

DIVORCE DETOX FOR THE NEW YEAR The New Year is always filled with resolutions and promises. When it comes to divorce, it seems many couples become motivated to file for divorce after the first of the year. Divorce lawyers call the first Monday of the new year “Divorce Day”. While many divorcing couples use the […]

Divorce Detox Diary: Discover Los Angeles, Discover Yourself

PRYING AND SPYING When you think your spouse might be having an affair you feel it in your gut. Something seems off, but you can’t be specific and you may not have any hard evidence to prove what you are sensing is true. This uncertainty can be unbearable. You will do anything to know the […]