Learning from Divorce

When a marriage ends it’s normal to feel a sense of regret and lost time. It can seem as though years of your life have been wasted, time you will never be able to reclaim. Many people stay in unhappy marriages too long and once out wish they had ended things sooner. Others going through […]

Your Brain on Divorce

Just as there are two sides to every story with divorce, there are also two sides of the brain that come into play during this life transition. The left brain is logical, rational, analytical, objective and looks at parts. The right brain is random, intuitive, subjective and looks at wholes. Most of us lean toward […]

Adjusting Your Posture Through Divorce

When you are going through divorce, you can reduce stress by being nice to your body. Simply adjusting your posture can help relieve stress and improve sleep. The following was written by renown posture expert Esther Gokhale. Aligning the bones in your body in their natural positions facilitates the nervous, immune and circulatory systems in […]

The Academy Divorce

While there have been many successful women with successful marriages, it seems that in the movie industry, academy award winning actresses have a higher probability of divorce after winning an Oscar. A recent research study by researchers at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and Carnegie Mellon University found that 60% of the […]

Tony Hawks Divorce

Tony Hawk, one of the most famous pro-skateboarders in the world, will be ending his third marriage recent news reports. The famous skateboarder seems to have a hard time making marriage work as this will be his third divorce. Research shows that the rate of divorce increases with every re-marriage so it’s no surprise that […]

Men and Women Get a Divorce Detox

Divorce Detox was recently featured in ABCnews.com for their expert commentary on women’s divorce issues. Many men have reached out and contacted us asking if Divorce Detox treats men. Divorce Detox helps men and women nationally and internationally. Our research shows that both men and women have broken hearts, experience shock, pain, grief, confusion, isolation, […]