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Divorce Detox In the News

Catch current articles featuring Divorce Detox.   Divorce Detox (WFLX) – Just the term ‘divorce’ is enough to make many hearts skip a beat knowing the pain and despair it may bring. But these days, there seems to be an explosion in products and services to help make this massive life change a little easier […]

WATCH: Making Divorce Less Painful

Watch: Making Divorces Less Painful Is A Growing Business on CBS Miami. Divorce Detox was featured on CBS Miami last night. Read the whole article and watch coverage by clicking the link above.

Divorce Detox on ABC7 Detroit

Watch Divorce Detox profiled on WXYZ-Detriot. http://news.yahoo.com/video/divorce-detox-215240843.html

Happily Ever After Divorce

Read or watch Divorce Detox on Fox 19 for Cincinnati. Happily Ever After Divorce Business from WOIO.   (WOIO) – Just the term divorce is enough to make many hearts skip a beat, knowing the pain and despair it may bring. Sonja Fisher is divorced and she says, “it can be something that’s life stopping.” […]

Divorce on TV

Divorce and Downton

Though set nearly a hundred years ago, Downton Abbey has plenty to say concerning our contemporary concepts on love, marriage and divorce. The final episode of the third season is a prime example of relationship successes and failures. Though divorce is strictly taboo in Downton society (not much unlike the antiquated ideas surrounding divorce today), […]

Celebrity Snafus by Divorce Detox: David Arquette and Courtney Cox

There’s a Chinese proverb that says “You can hardly make a friend in a year, but you can loose one in an hour.” David Arquette did that this week when he went on national radio and spoke about his separation with wife Courtney Cox. One of the most shocking comments Arquette made was admitting that […]