Go To Sleep

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Get a Good Night’s Sleep R-e-l-a-x. Make your goal about relaxation, not sleep. Experiment with slow, deep breathing, relaxing your muscles one by one until you fall asleep. Set a schedule for going to bed and waking. Make adjustments to your schedule in 15-minute increments over a period of 7 days.  Eat right, exercise, and […]

Go To Sleep

Go To Sleep!

    Sleep is one of our most precious resources, yet a good night’s sleep can be hard to come by during divorce. Sleep helps to restore balance to the body and mind. It regulates chemical processes and produces melatonin, a chemical that helps us heal. Sleep also resets the brain, allowing it to create […]

Obstacles To Getting The Help You Need

Going through a divorce is one of the most challenging life transitions. The feelings that get invoked around separation and divorce can be debilitating and overwhelming, and it is often hard to know where to turn for help. There are many things that can get in the way of reaching out for help and getting the support necessary to begin recovering from the devastation. Here are some common obstacles to seeking help for divorce recovery:

Adjusting Your Posture Through Divorce

When you are going through divorce, you can reduce stress by being nice to your body. Simply adjusting your posture can help relieve stress and improve sleep. The following was written by renown posture expert Esther Gokhale. Aligning the bones in your body in their natural positions facilitates the nervous, immune and circulatory systems in […]

Healthy Foods that Promote Deep Sleep

Men and women going through separation or divorce often experience at least a few sleepless nights. Today, Dr. Ben Kim iof Ontario, Canada shares some tips to help get a good night’s sleep. “You may want to try eating a bedtime snack that combines a concentrated dietary source of tryptophan with a healthy carbohydrate-rich food. […]

Divorce and Sleep

Sleep is one of our most precious resources. It is vital to our health and well being. Just as we need food for energy, we need sleep to relax and recharge. During sleep the body renews its energy, releases growth hormones, and heals. In times of extreme stress sleep is one of the first things […]