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A Day of Independence: Your First 4th of July After Divorce

What to do on the 4th of July during your divorce transition.

The Emotional Divorce

A legal divorce ends a marriage in the eyes of the law. Family law attorneys and mediators help divorcing couples to get through the system, but anyone who has been through a divorce knows that the division of finances, assets and belongings only represents a small portion of what it means to get divorced. There […]

Thanksgiving 2010 and Divorce

Divorce shifts your perspective about everything including the holiday season. There is a tendency to look toward the holidays with dread when you are separated or divorced. Change is not always easy, but a gloomy outlook can really become insidious. The good news is that attitude and perspective are easy to shift. One of the […]

Learning From Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen: A Divorce After 10 Months of Marriage

Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen made their split official by filing for divorce last week. Only married for 10 months, Moss and Armisen’s split can only make us wonder if divorce is any less painful when the marriage was for a short time. When couples like Al and Tipper Gore or John and Elizabeth Edwards […]

Loneliness: More Than Being Alone

New research shows that loneliness can be contagious. It can also lead to depression, sleep problems, high blood pressure and other health challenges. Read more about what scientists have to say. A new study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows loneliness is a “biological signal motivating us to correct something that we […]