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Rose Duffy Gibbons had a dream. She began playing the saxophone in high school and over the years she has been privileged to play with a variety of Blues legends. Rose’s Ex didn’t share her passion and did not believe Rose would ever amount to anything. “My ex-husband told me that I will ‘never make a […]

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The Gray Divorce: A New Future As An Independent Person

The Gray Divorce: A New Future As An Independent Single

“The phenomenon of “grey” divorce—couples over the age of 50 separating after years of marriage—is becoming more and more widespread. If you are one of those separating from a spouse later in life, you must realize that you are certainly not alone. Respected newspapers like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times have […]

The Emotional Divorce

A legal divorce ends a marriage in the eyes of the law. Family law attorneys and mediators help divorcing couples to get through the system, but anyone who has been through a divorce knows that the division of finances, assets and belongings only represents a small portion of what it means to get divorced. There […]

Re-Discovering Yourself & Your Passions Through Divorce

The desire to discover new passions is usually influenced by major changes in life. Retirement, marriage, birth and divorce are all life-changing events in which new passions may become nurtured. Divorce can inspire a person to rediscover and pursue a dormant passion that was not supported by their ex-spouse, like landscaping or jogging, or discover […]

An Attitude of Gratitude Can Improve Your Happiness

If you have you ever wondered why a co-worker is always happy, chances are the co-worker is a positive person who is naturally grateful. Recent research has determined that people who are naturally positive are also naturally grateful for everything in life. If you are not a naturally happy person, however, you can improve your […]