Move On Post Divorce

Divorce does not have to mark you for life. Let us show you how to let go and move on. Contact us at, 323-378-6739

Yesterday is History. Tomorrow a Mystery.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow a mystery. Come with us and explore the possibilities of a new and empowered life, gain a deep appreciation for your divorce or breakup and learn to move on.

Detox Your Divorce

Detox stress and overwhelm. Learning to manage day-to-day stress will shorten your recovery time. Taking steps to heal your heartache will mend the wounds of the past so they don’t cause you stress in the future.

Divorce Facts vs Divorce Fictions

Being your own divorce hero means understanding the difference between fact and fiction. Fictions promote negative thinking (“I’ll be alone forever”); facts promote positive thinking (“I’ll be one step closer to meeting someone if I put myself out there.”) Rely on facts. Be your own hero.