Happily Ever After Divorce

Happily ever after is still possible after divorce. Come with us and explore the possibilities of a better life. www.divorcedetox.com movingon@divorcedetox.com

Divorce Costs in the US

The average cost of divorce in the US is between $10,000-30,000. As you move through your divorce transition, you will have many decisions to make. You’re not alone. We’re here to help. www.divorcedetox.com 323-378-6739

10 Tips to Get Over A Breakup

You may have been told, “time heals all wounds,” but that phrase is false. Save yourself time and energy by following these ten tips to get over a breakup. Ten Tips to Get Over a Breakup 1: Emote and feel your feelings. Process them so you do not become your feelings. 2: Honor that your […]