103 Million Daters in the US

103 Million people in the US (or about 44% of the population) over the age of 18 is single. Do you need help finding the love of your life? Contact us at http://divorcedetox.com/ 323-378-6739

10 Tips to Get Over A Breakup

You may have been told, “time heals all wounds,” but that phrase is false. Save yourself time and energy by following these ten tips to get over a breakup. Ten Tips to Get Over a Breakup 1: Emote and feel your feelings. Process them so you do not become your feelings. 2: Honor that your […]

The Greatest Love

When you learn to whole-heartedly nurture yourself, when you make the decision to cast yourself as the hero of your life story rather than waiting for prince charming, when you persist in loving yourself through the pain… It is then you will be ready for the greatest love of your life.