Celebrity Snafus by Divorce Detox: David Arquette and Courtney Cox

There’s a Chinese proverb that says “You can hardly make a friend in a year, but you can loose one in an hour.” David Arquette did that this week when he went on national radio and spoke about his separation with wife Courtney Cox. One of the most shocking comments Arquette made was admitting that […]

Depression in Men After Divorce

Men often have a higher rate of depression following divorce than women. In fact, men are twice as likely to be depressed following divorce than are women. Many factors contribute to this depression rate including: – Men are less likely to seek emotional support – Men are more likely to lose custody of the children […]

Co-Parenting and Divorce: Joint Celebrations

As co-parenting becomes the norm for a lot of divorced couples, establishing a civil relationship with the ex-spouse becomes more and more important. It can be very difficult, especially at first, to be civil to your ex in regular interactions like picking up and dropping off children, but it is even more difficult when you […]

Dads Divorce Live interviews Divorce Detox

In the latest edition of Dads Divorce Live, a website that connects fathers with resources, host Matt Allen visits with Allison Pescosolido and Andra Brosh, national experts in grief recovery and founders of Divorce Detox, a comprehensive divorce recovery program aimed to help people overcome the overwhelming circumstances that divorce can bring. Please tell your […]

Father’s Day as a Divorced Dad

As Father’s Day quickly approaches we are reminded of how drastically different this holiday will be for the dads who are separated or divorced. Whether it’s your first Father’s Day after a divorce or it has become old hat, the holiday will surely trigger some feelings. For those dad’s who will be spending their first […]