Tips for Post Divorce Parenting

Parenting after divorce is often completely different than parenting before divorce. Regardless of your circumstance, you can maintain a healthy and well-balanced family across two households. Use the following tips to guide your co-parenting. Maintain Consistency. Set boundaries and routines for daily practice. Choose quality time of quantity. Share Parenting. Set routines for visitation and […]

Parenting Post Divorce

Many single parents find that children become unruly after they’re with the other parent. Keep firm boundaries and routines and maintain consistency. Prime your children about the rules and routines before they visit the other parent and remind them again of the rules and routines as soon as they return to you. These steps will […]

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Co Parenting Strategies for the Holidays

As we move full swing into the holiday season, shared parenting becomes the focus for many in the midst of separation and divorce. Though holiday and divorce stress may seem overwhelming, there are a number of ways to avoid the complications of sharing your children and responsibilities during the holidays. Remember, being proactive and keeping […]


5 Tips for Co-Parenting After Divorce

Divorce affects the whole family. It causes parents to worry about children in ways they never thought they would. As the relationship between a couple change from souse to ex, so does the parenting relationship. Whether you agreed on parenting styles before separation or parenting was one of the primary issues in your divorce, your […]

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How to Ask for Help, Part II: 4 Steps to Getting the Help You Need

This is Part 2 in the series “How to Ask for Help“.  To read Part 1, click here. How do you ask for help with an issue the general public finds awkward at best, repugnant at worst? Although divorce is common in the US, the subject is still quite taboo. In fact, because of the […]