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Drop By for Change

  Drop By on July 10 for divorce and relationship recovery. All are welcome. This free group is where you can bring your relationship issues. Whether you’re feeling down because of your divorce or seeking advice in a new dating situation, this is the group for you. Our relationship experts provide guidance and tools to inspire, […]

The Dogs And Cats Of Relationships: Are You Over-Reading The Signs?

Fighting like cats and dogs can be one sign that a couple may be heading towards divorce. Often, couples get caught in the trap of over analyzing, misinterpreting and building resentments because of simple errors in communication. These errors lead to conflict, resentments and oftentimes contentious divorce. Men and women often think differently, whether the […]


March Newsletter

Many people feel that they can’t trust their own emotions as they go through divorce. Feelings, for many, fluctuate wildly. At one moment you might find yourself happy then the next you’re falling quickly into a pit of despair. Anger, for many, comes easily. Regardless of your emotions, it’s important to remember that you are […]

Divorce on TV

Divorce and Downton

Though set nearly a hundred years ago, Downton Abbey has plenty to say concerning our contemporary concepts on love, marriage and divorce. The final episode of the third season is a prime example of relationship successes and failures. Though divorce is strictly taboo in Downton society (not much unlike the antiquated ideas surrounding divorce today), […]

Be Your Own Hero and Save Yourself

How to Ask for Help, Part II: 4 Steps to Getting the Help You Need

This is Part 2 in the series “How to Ask for Help“.  To read Part 1, click here. How do you ask for help with an issue the general public finds awkward at best, repugnant at worst? Although divorce is common in the US, the subject is still quite taboo. In fact, because of the […]

DIvorce Detox lends a helping hand.

How to Ask for Help: Get into the Divorce Talk Comfort Zone

This is Part One of the “How to Ask for Help” series. It will get you comfortable enough with yourself and others to ask for help. Once you’re in the zone, you’ve won half the battle. Actually, equally key in the process is helping those you are asking for help get comfortable and receptive to […]