Tips for Post Divorce Parenting

Parenting after divorce is often completely different than parenting before divorce. Regardless of your circumstance, you can maintain a healthy and well-balanced family across two households. Use the following tips to guide your co-parenting. Maintain Consistency. Set boundaries and routines for daily practice. Choose quality time of quantity. Share Parenting. Set routines for visitation and […]

How to Talk About Your Divorce

Talking about your divorce is tricky if you don’t have a plan. Spend some time rehearsing what you want to tell people. This will make it easier when your divorce is brought up in casual conversation. Use the following tips to guide how much or how little you want to share. Your words are your […]

What is Normal in Divorce?

Did you know that 80% of divorce is initiated by one side of the marriage. Save yourself from the stress of divorce by learning what is normal and what is not. You don’t have to go it alone. Give us a call at 323-378-6739.

Divorce as a Teaching Tool for Your Children

One of the major fears of people transitioning through divorce is permanently damaging your children. Divorce actually presents an opportunity to teach your children about healthy relationships and personal happiness. Use these tips to open up conversations with your children. Open a dialogue with your children. Keep subjects kid-appropriate. Let your children learn and speak […]

Parenting Post Divorce

Many single parents find that children become unruly after they’re with the other parent. Keep firm boundaries and routines and maintain consistency. Prime your children about the rules and routines before they visit the other parent and remind them again of the rules and routines as soon as they return to you. These steps will […]