Hiding Behind Your Children in Divorce

Separation and divorce is traumatic for the whole family, yet each person within the family will have a unique experience when it comes to dealing and healing from this life transition. Learning to honor and respect each family members emotional response to the separation and divorce is an important part of moving on in a […]

A Divorce Book for Your Kids

“Where Am I Sleeping Tonight?” by Carol Gordon Ekster is a children’s book about two brothers, a 4th grader and 1st grader, being raised by divorced parents. It chronicles Mark and Evan’s daily life, having two separate homes (their mom’s and dad’s), and the common experiences children with divorced parents experience, both the challenges and […]

How Children Respond to Divorce: Age Makes a Difference

The focus during a divorce is often on the custody, alimony and division of assets with little attention given to the emotional cost of the children involved.  The devastating impact of divorce on a child of any age cannot be underestimated, and should be attended to with special care and compassion. It is also important […]