5 Tips for Single Parenting

5 Tips for Single Parenting Generate Support. Hire a babysitter, get family to help, join other parenting groups to give yourself support. Involve Your Children. Assign chores, ask the kids to help, teach them new skills around the house. Organize Your Life. Use structure as a tool to maintain sanity. Maintain Firm Boundaries. Keep firm […]


5 Tips for Co-Parenting After Divorce

Divorce affects the whole family. It causes parents to worry about children in ways they never thought they would. As the relationship between a couple change from souse to ex, so does the parenting relationship. Whether you agreed on parenting styles before separation or parenting was one of the primary issues in your divorce, your […]

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Are you worried about your children?

Whether it is an amicable divorce, a contentious one or a dysfunctional marriage, parents first concern is naturally the children.  Children are like sponges, they learn from their parents and model what they see. Children prove amazingly resilient and wise when their parents go through the Divorce Detox Programs.  As parents learn tools and skills […]


PTPA: Parent Tested Parent Approved

The Divorce Detox Survival Kit won the prestigious Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Award.  PTPA Media has North America’s largest volunteer parent testing community, with over 40,000 parents and was rated the Most Trusted Seal by 22,000 parents.  Consumers looking for high-quality products and services can rest assured when they see the PTPA Winner’s Seal; […]

Divorce (In Itself) Does Not Pose Risk For Children

Parents are most concerned about the effects of divorce on children. New research by Priscila Comino-González shows that divorce, in and of itself, does not pose a risk for children.

Parenting 101 for Divorcing Couples

When divorcing couples are asked what they consider to be their greatest gift from their marriage, the answer is almost always unanimously “my children”. Additionally, most divorcing parents will tell you that their children are their greatest concern, and their number one priority. A recent research study on what makes a good parent uncovered the […]