Limit communication about divorce to the present. The past is a trickster that will only lead you astray. - Allison Pescosolido, M.A.

Limit Your Divorce Communications

Getting caught up in what happened can often lead to frustration and resentment. Throughout your divorce process, keep a clear head by limiting your communication to the present. You can’t fix what already occurred but you can control how you move forward.

Don't be a monster this Halloween. Act and speak about your ex with respect and integrity. - Allison Pescosolido, M.A.

Divorce Monsters

The kids see and hear all the things that you say and do. Set a good example by acting like the grown-up. Leave the monsters for Halloween.

Don't let love cast a spell over you. Use your head not your hormones. - Allison Pescosolido, M.A.

Love Casts a Spell on You

Lasting and healthy love is characterized by a true and authentic meeting of the minds. To find true love, keep the fantasy in check and focus instead on reality. Build the relationship that’s right for you at Divorce Detox.

Leave relationship ghosts in the past. Stay focused on the present. - Allison Pescosolido, M.A.

Haunted By Ghosts of the Past?

Don’t be haunted by the mistakes and could-have-beens of the past. These monsters hold you bak from your true potential. Defeat them by grousing yourself in the moment. Be present for your life.

The monsters in your imagination are always greater than those in real life. - Allison Pescosolido, M.A.

Be Your Divorce Hero

Because fears seem so large, they can often time become debilitating. Use reason and facts as your sword and shield and take charge of your destiny.

Don't avoid your fear, address it. - Allison Pescosolido, M.A.

Defeat Divorce Fears

When trauma like divorce occurs, you are given the opportunity to take charge of your life and be the hero of your own destiny. Face your fears head on and embrace the life of your dreams.