Once you have separated from your spouse, you are further down the road toward divorce. Separation can come in the form of one person physically moving out, or separation could be established mentally and verbally while both partners continue to co-habitate. Some couples do a trial separation to see how living apart would feel, while others are separated as part of the natural divorce process. Regardless of your situation, early separation is the best time to begin working with us. This is where many poor choices are made, and where custody scenarios get made prematurely.

The period between separation and divorce can be confusing and can create severe stress on everyone involved. While divorce might not be your primary focus right now, this is a time to seek support for the myriad of issues and feelings that you are most likely dealing with. There is never an optimal time to face the divorce process, but it is important to remember that you need to educate yourself and make progress in one direction or another. Becoming frozen and stuck makes it harder to transition through to recovery.

The early state of separation is about newness, adjustment, strategy, re-establishing routine and grounding yourself in your new normal. This is also a time where you might be in need of professional, solid resources to help you in all aspects of this difficult life transition.

Average length of divorce proceedings is 1-2 years.


Support: We will work with you on strategy and planning for your next steps toward divorce. This is much easier to do with the support and guidance of experts in the field than it is alone. On your own it is overwhelming and can feel like trying to walk through mud.

Advice: We will provide you with the tricks and tips to managing your new relationship with your soon to be Ex. Creating a new dynamic with your spouse is one of the hardest parts of separation. Working on that relationship now will make the divorce process easier.

Expertise: We will ensure that you are making appropriate choices and decisions that are in your own best interest. We will help you avoid common pitfalls many separated couples fall into because they didn’t have the proper guidance or information.

Resources: If necessary, we can assist you in finding a lawyer, mediator or establishing a good working relationship with your existing lawyer. Many people do not understand the legal system and find themselves adding unnecessary struggles throughout the process.

Thank you for pinpointing the precise barrier that’s holding me back. Now I’m not walking in the dark trying this technique and that. I know exactly what to tackle. That’s huge. What a relief. — Sandy, Client