April Newsletter – Detoxing Procrastination


Detoxing Procrastination

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Let’s face it, everyone procrastinates at some point, even the most productive people. Many of my clients who are dynamos in their professional life procrastinate the simplest of tasks just because it relates to their divorce, which they associate with pain. As the trauma of divorce heals, tasks become easier to complete and personal strength is renewed.

In the spirit of procrastination, I even procrastinated writing this newsletter. As an experiment (of course) I continued procrastinating for 2 days. I noticed self judgment and this awful nagging feeling. Every time I thought about it, the project seemed to get more difficult. As a result I felt worse about myself… until I stopped procrastinating.

Nike has that famous line “just do it,” which is such good advice. Following through on our commitments to ourselves and others builds confidence, self trust and feels good.

Today I urge you to complete a task that you have been putting off. Just do it.

For those of you that need a little help with procrastination, you can join our free tele-course aptly named Stop Procrastinating. Set aside the hour on Friday 4/26 from 12 -1 pm PST. As part of the course you will have the opportunity to take action and complete some of those projects that have been on your to do list for too long. Register here.


Welcome Ryan to the Divorce Detox Team

We are grateful to have Ryan Henisey as a new member of the Divorce Detox Team. You can find Ryan on the Survival Kit Membership Site and in the Divorce Detox Center.


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