Anger and Resentment in Divorce

Anger and resentment, a natural response to being hurt, are common feelings held onto during divorce. It’s normal to feel these things when you have been robbed or injured by your ex. While these feelings may seem hard to let go of for a multitude of reasons, hanging on to them will have long lasting negative effects on your well-being and future happiness.

Here are some ways that anger and resentment can eat away at the fabric of your life:

While anger may feel powerful it is actually very draining. Anger actually robs you of your power by giving it to the person you are mad at. Think about how much energy it takes to be mad at your ex and how much time you spend thinking and ruminating about how he or she hurt you. This is not time and energy well spent.

Resentment is a natural response to a grievance. It stems from an experience of being wronged or from things being unfair. Resentment, which is tightly bound to bitterness, is a slippery slope toward hatred. These are toxic emotions that will figuratively and literally eat away at your mind body and heart. Anger and resentment are socially destructive. Being around an angry, resentful person is unpleasant and disheartening. The quickest way to push others away and to live in isolation is to hang onto your anger
and resentment.

Viewing the world through an anger and resentment lens will alter the way you live your life. If life is unfair and no one treats you right than this is how the world will be. Generalizing your one experience of your ex to the world at large will make it very hard to let go and trust there is something better out there.

The first step toward letting go of these negative feelings is to accept and acknowledge that they exist. Once you can do this, you can begin to seek professional help to process your resentment and anger so you can feel validated and vindicated in a healthy way.

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